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  • LED Bulb A60 5W
  • LED Bulb A60 5W
  • LED Bulb A60 5W
LED Bulb A60 5WLED Bulb A60 5WLED Bulb A60 5W

LED Bulb A60 5W

  • Product description: E27-B22-360-degree LED Bulb A60 Bulb 110V to 220VAC 5W

product name: 360° light bulb
【Product Model】:ZSA60-39L
power : 5W
Light flux : 500 LM
light material : glass cover
LEDs :39pcs-3014LED
voltage : 12-60V 120V 220V
Base : E27/B22
LED life : 50000 hours
LED color : white/warm white (can do other colors)
Bulb Size: D60*L105mm.

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